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American Bandit came to be in 1986. Our humble beginnings were founded within the Marine Industry manufacturing hardware and commercial snapper reels. The snapper reel was aptly named the "Bandit Reel" due to its resemblance of a slot machine (aka one arm bandit). The Bandit Reel was a crudely built commercial reel incorporating a portion of an automobile leaf spring and a hydraulic or electric motor.

Shortly after improving the product and producing high quality Bandit reels it became obvious that Government regulations and quotas would be detrimental to the future of the Bandit Reel. One of the few remaining components of our beginnings is the Company name, American Bandit.

American Bandit incorporated in 1995 and today manufactures what we believe to be unique products for the sport fisherman. We incorporate both domestic and overseas manufacturing to produce quality products that enhance your fishing experience. We take special precautions to monitor all aspects of the manufacturing process, regardless of location, to ensure quality products are delivered to the market. We take full responsibility for the quality and function of our products and realize "the buck stops here." We don’t fish with junk and don’t expect you to either.

Countless hours have been spent out on the pond testing new products and enjoying our favorite past time. We take pride in helping you catch fish. We can’t make them open their mouths when Mother Nature tells them not to, but we can increase your odds and add to your success under normal conditions.

Please browse our website with confidence, and consider joining our family of satisfied customers. We are grateful you stopped by for a visit and look forward to adding you to the American Bandit fishing family!

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